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Some of the reviews of the past six months

FSSO, Boico, Margulis 'n opbeurende ervaring

Elretha Britz, Volksblad 21 August 2018

Review 2018-08-21 Boico

Komposisies vir videospeletjies pure luisterplesier (Compositions for video games easy listening)

Elretha Britz, Volksblad 11 September 2018

Review 2018-09-11 Games

FSSO se uitvoering het gehoor in verwondering (FSSO performance had audience in awe)

Frelét de Villiers, Volksblad 26 September 2018

Volksblad 2018-09-26 FSSO resensie

Uitvoering met Delfrate had finesse (Performance with Delfrate full of finesse)

Elretha Britz, Volksblad 16 October 2018

Review 2018-10-16 Delfrate

FSSO sluit jaar op groot hoogtepunt af (The FSSO couldn't have ended the year on a bigger highlight than (the concert) with international opera star Eva Mei and Gérard Korsten as conductor)

Elretha Britz, Volksblad 6 November 2018

Volksblad 2018-11-06 FSSO resensie