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About FSSO


The FSSO Board of Directors is responsible for the governance of the FSSO Company, with particular attention to strategic management, financial sustainability and policies.

It oversees all the activities of the company in pursuing its principal objective: to address the orchestral music-education provision, support, enrichment, learning, teaching and training needs of young musicians, which includes learners and students from all communities.

In this regard it oversees the strategic planning, funding strategies, annual planning and budgeting, management and implementation of the FSSO’s music-educational pipeline activities and all its orchestras, concerts and events.

The FSSO Company is a registered non-profit organisation (NPO) and public benefit organisation (PBO). This FSSO has been awarded Section 18A status by SARS in terms of the Income Tax Act. Accordingly, donations to the FSSO are tax deductible in the hands of donors and are exempt from Donations Tax as well as Estate Duty.

Current members of the board of the FSSO



Mangement & Staff

Artistic Director: Alex Fokkens

FSSO Organiser: Ella Kotze

FS Youth Orchestra Organiser: John Minnaar-Msimang

Administrative Assistant: Reshoketswe Daphney Teffo

Financial Administrator: Piet Moolman

Youth Orchestra

The best young instrumentalists in the province from all backgrounds have the unique opportunity to gain invaluable professional experience by playing in the Free State Youth Orchestra, managed by the FSSO since 2009.


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